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Islamov Properties , LLC is a full-service real estate investment, management, and development company.

Our proven strategy is to purchase Class A assets or under-performing assets at prices below replacement cost where we can utilize our development and operating expertise to add value. We seek to renovate and upgrade building facilities and systems, increase tenant occupancy and rental rates, provide property management and leasing services, and divest or hold these assets.

we understand how each phase can ultimately impact the success of a project and maximize our returns.

Our broad market knowledge, ability to recognize the right opportunities, financial wherewithal and expertise and years of experience make us experts at managing real estate development risk.

Our team is seasoned at every phase of a real estate development project – site selection and acquisition, zoning and entitlement, environmental due diligence and remediation, development, financing, leasing, construction, and asset management.


Islamov Properties’s investment approach is based upon senior management’s collective experience of acquiring, developing, owning and operating real estate assets. Our “hands-on” experience and owner/operator perspective provide the foundation for an investment strategy that has been tested through the highs and lows of multiple real estate cycles.

This in-house expertise supports nimble and swift transaction execution, which provides Islamov Properties  with a competitive advantage over institutions and more financially oriented investors. Islamov Propertie’s management team possesses an entrepreneurial spirit and a broad understanding of how to maximize value in real estate and make insightful judgments about market dynamics.


We seek opportunities to purchase both stabilized and seemingly troubled, high vacancy properties. We pursue stabilized properties that we believe are Class A with high probability of rent growth. We also pursue seemingly troubled, high vacancy properties that offer significant upside through aggressive leasing/management, repositioning, conversion to alternative use, or complete redevelopment.




Redevelopment can benefit the owner, the renters, and the community in a number of ways and is frequently the best treatment for underperforming real estate assets. A shopping center's owner can give it fresh life through redevelopment. Leasing brokers will have a new, attractive property to lease thanks to this renovation, which will also draw in new renters. It also means that you may draw in high-quality national and local tenants, which will make additional shops desire to set up shop nearby. The procedure completes a circle. Redevelopment is frequently thought to be a safer option than brand-new construction. Rather than venturing into unexplored domains with unproven product categories, a developer is familiar with the market and recognizes the possibilities for possible successes.


The first step to a successful redevelopment project is buying a property in the ideal location. This calls for a constant focus on detail and a deep understanding of real estate markets acquired from research and experience.

Purchase Value:  

Redevelopment projects that show promise and are well-maintained are often acquired for less than their replacement cost, making them a wise long-term investment. Redevelopment typically yields a larger return on investment than new development, and its construction can typically be finished more quickly.

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