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Islamov Properties , LLC, having acquired numerous prominent real estate assets, has established a solid reputation for excellence and efficiency.


We acquired, remodeled, and developed excellent office and retail projects in numerous South East United States markets by utilizing the cash resources of its principals and investors.


The majority of the time, the buildings were in some sort of trouble when they were purchased. In every instance, we increased the property's worth by asset renovation, refurbishment, redevelopment, and repositioning; stabilizing and raising occupancy and rentable amounts; and adeptly overseeing the building's daily operations.



Prepare and monitor an annual strategic performance plan that identifies short- and long-term asset objectives, focusing on market conditions, projected rents, and capital requirements.



Prepare annual tactical plans that include detailed projections for leasing, operating expenses, and capital improvements, as well as providing quarterly reports on achievement.


Oversee marketing, leasing, and capital expenditures as detailed in the annual strategic performance plan. 


Try to spread lease expirations, and establish a strong rent roll with credit tenants, while avoiding a concentration of tenants in any single economic sector.


Conduct on-site inspections and tenant surveys, and maintain contact with other market participants to determine an asset’s competitive position in the market.

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Islamov Properties, LLC hires lease experts who collaborate closely with acquisition, property management, and administrative specialists to guarantee that the goals of an investment may be achieved and/or surpassed.


Islamov Properties, LLC leverages its vast knowledge to create solutions that optimize lease rates and minimize operating expenses, thereby augmenting property value. The proactive approach adopted by the organization has resulted in noteworthy financial returns, such as decreased operating expenses, enhanced flexibility and responsiveness in cost controls, increased profits, and optimization, all of which have enhanced returns to investors.


Islamov Properties, LLC actively markets the property to potential tenants utilizing a range of conventional and non-traditional marketing techniques because it recognizes the value of tenant retention. When it comes to buildings bought with current tenants, the tenant retention ratio has typically above the industry norm.

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